Ajay Brahmakshatriya

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
32 Vassar Street
Cambridge, MA (02139)
United States
Graduate Student
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
+1 617 401 5751


September'18-Present  Ph.D. in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5.0/5.0
August'12-June'16  B.Tech in Computer Science(Honors), IIT Hyderabad 9.74/10
   Runner up to the President's Gold medal  


Programming languages, Compiler and Systems research


PLDI'20  Universal Graph Framework: AchievingHigh-Performance across Algorithms, Graph Types, and Architectures (Under submission)
CGO'20  PriorityGraph: A Unified Programming Model for Optimizing Ordered Graph Algorithms
IISWC'19  BHive: A Benchmark Suite and Measurement Framework for Validating x86-64 Basic Block Performance Models
EUROSYS'19  ConfLLVM: A Compiler for Enforcing Data Confidentiality in Low-Level Code
GLOBECOM'16  LWIR: LTE-WLAN Integration at RLC Layer with Virtual WLAN Scheduler for Efficient Aggregation

Work Experience

July'16-July'18  Research Fellow, Microsoft Research India, Bangalore
May'15-July'15  Intern, Software Development Engineer, Amazon India, Bangalore

Research Projects

September'18-Present  A Unified Graph Framework for Achieving High-Performance across Algorithms, Graph Types,and Architectures
Advisor  Prof. Saman Amarasinghe, Prof. Julian Shun
   Generating effecient CUDA code for graph algorithms. New GraphIR for portable code generation across multiple platforms.
January'19-Present  BuildIt: A type based multi-stage programming language extension for imperative languages
Advisor  Prof. Saman Amarasinghe
   A type based multi-stage programming library for imperative languages like C++
July'16-July'18  An Instrumenting Compiler for Enforcing Confidentiality in Low-Level Code
Advisor  Dr. Akash Lal, Senior Researcher, MSR India
   Memory partitioning and instrumentation techniques for preventing leak of confidential data in low level languages in presence of active attackers.
August'15-January'16  LWIR: LTE-WLAN Integration at RLC Layer with Virtual WLAN Scheduler for Efficient Aggregation
Advisor  Dr. Bheemarjuna Reddy Tamma, Professor, CSE department, IIT Hyderabad
   Tunneling LTE RLC frames over WiFi channel for increased throughput with a scheduling algorithm that reduced waiting time and out of order delivery

Skill Set

Programming  X86/64 Assembly, C, C++
Tools  LLVM

Academic Achievements and Experiences


Hobby Projects